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12 September 2012 @ 10:57 pm
✫Wutao - Home for the Supernatural✫  
Remember all those stories about Greek gods and Roman legends that you learned about? Remember stories about Titans and trickster gods and fantastic half human-half animal creatures? What if all those stories were real?

Humans have long since dismissed myths as just myths, but they've never been so wrong. All the gods and goddesses and creatures of old are all very very real. They walk the world now just as they did thousands of years ago, and get into the same kind of trouble.

The problem is that in this day and age, having demi-god children with no idea of their parentage and no control over their powers walking around the earth is a danger to the secret world that exists within our own. The solution?


Wutuo is only one of many schools created around the world to take in demi-god children to teach and train. While the rest of the world knows Wutuo as a highly private but highly lauded educational facility, select others know that Wutuo is a haven for young children with big powers. It is at Wutuo (along with its sister schools in other countries) that the children of gods from all over the world come together to learn.

乌托; wutuo; an au game.