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k_advertise's Journal

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A place to advertise your korean entertainment community.
Welcome to k_advertise! This site was created for the K-Fandom to advertise their communities, to place want-ads for RP characters, to glean members for their icontests, and whathaveyou. The community is public, but you must join the community in order to post an advertisement. It only takes a few seconds, and it doesn't even require you to get permission from the moderators! ^^ k_advertise is for everyone to advertise their K-Entertainment community. Though this is a Korean-centered community, we also allow postings in the other Asian fandoms. We ask that you please take a few minutes out of your day to read the rest of this profile as we do have a few rules regarding posting and expected behavior. Thanks, and happy posting! ^^
Staff & Extras
We have a few basic rules, so please read them and follow them.

- You are allowed to repost an advertisement for one (1) site every two (2) weeks. Duplicate ads that are posted before the two weeks is up will be deleted.

- No spam. Don't post stuff that's not permitted, or anything that's not related to Korean entertainment.

- No drama. Wank, wangst, and any other word for 'drama' will not be allowed here. It will be deleted.

- Plz to be using posting forms if you are advertising and RPG or posting a muse Want-Ad.

- Keep it legal. Nothing of adult content will be permitted here. Communities with adult content can be advertised, but none of the content from the site is allowed to be posted here.

- Please advertise only LJ communities here.

- Please tag your entries appropriately. A tagging guide has been provided here.

- With regard to graphics communities: you cannot post your graphics here. Simply a banner and small blurb about your community. Any graphics will be deleted.

- Any banners or pictures posted in advertisements cannot exceed 500x300 (hxw) unless placed beneath a cut. Any images exceeding this will cause the layout to stretch, and that makes the mods twitchy.

Other Important Information/Links

All posts will be added to the directory after the first post. Duplicate posts will not be added. You will receive a comment on your post when it has been added to the directory.

What can I advertise?
What can I not advertise?
We allow advertising for the following:

- RPGs
- New Communities (Anything Asian Related)
- Graphics Communities
- Want Ads for RPGs
- Icontests
- Subbing Communities
We DO NOT allow advertising for the following:

- BlogCrews
- Memes
- Award/Superlative Communities
- Communities unrelated to Asian Entertainment

If you have a question about your ad, please PM a mod. We will let you know if your ad is allowed before it is posted.
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